Creative Ring Challenge Week!

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Last week we were talking about the Creative Ring Challenge and its presence in Barcelona. But this challenge is more than that, it will be responsible for bringing new IT projects using FIWARE and related to art to different cities all around Europe. The topics are different depending on the city where the Creative Ring [...]

¡CreatiFI lanza el Creative Ring Challenge!

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Barcelona forma parte del Creative Ring Challenge, un proyecto llevado a cabo por CreatiFI, que tiene como objetivo ofrecer una financiación de 50.000 euros a empresarios con proyectos innovadores. Una iniciativa que también ha sido puesta en marcha en las ciudades del Benelux (Bélgica, Holanda y Luxemburgo), Helsinki y Trentino. Dicha propuesta tiene como objetivo [...]

Creative Ring Challenge has been launched!

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The Creative Ring Challenge is a progressive competition with the potential to give new uses to Fiware technology, while benefitting the citizens of Barcelona. The CRC focuses on La Mercè tecnològica, which is a subset of the MAC festival. This festival is dominated by street performances that are comprised of creative uses of art intertwined [...]