Secmotic Innovation

Secmotic is an R&D company that creatively solves problems. We believe technology is a catalyst for change, and we act in accordance with our three values that give purpose to everything we do:

  • Innovation to leave an impression on the world with our “out of the box thinking”.
  • Development to produce ideas, mixing functionality with design.
  • IT security to secure all data from our development.

Solve problems in an innovative way in order to improve the well-being, standard of life and tranquility of people. Develop solutions under the paradigm of IT security. Work having in consideration every single detail, in order to offer the maximum benefit to the people that use our solutions. Design products with the highest level of aesthetics and attractiveness, which completes the final user experience

In Secmotic we have our future clear:
  1. To be an effective organization, efficient and dynamic.
  2. To be a company that innovates and reinvents the market.
  3. To be an organization that believes and invest in IT security in all our activities.
  4. Gather a human team disposed to irrupt strongly in any market, develop any idea of any kind of nature and go through any wall that they find in the process.
  5. To be a sustainable organization, which always is growing and with the highest quality standards.
In Secmotic we know who we are:
  1. Innovation: To effort ourselves to differentiate our solutions from the rest.
  2. Security: To effort ourselves to guarantee the IT security is being taking in account in every one of our solutions.
  3. Collaboration: Maximize talent through the unity of the team.
  4. Passion: In every one of our daily actions
  5. Dynamism: Continuous improvement
  6. Compromise: With people, in order to do of our world a better place to be.

What do we do?

We create today the ideas of tomorrow.

Who trust us?

Our partners.