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In compliance with the required information taken from article 10 from law 34/2002, from July 11th, from the Services of the Society of Information and from the Electronic Commerce, next the following information is reflected the owning company of this web page is Secmotic Innovation, S.L. with the address 51 Alhóndiga Street, number three 41003 Sevilla, with the identification code B-90175829, properly registered in the Commercial Registration of Sevilla. The contact email is:

  1. USERS

The access and or use of this portal assumes the condition of the USER, that accepts, from said access and or use, the General Conditions of Use that are reflected here. The previously mentioned Conditions will be applied independently of the General Conditions of Contracting that in their case result in obligatory compliance.


  1. Use of the portal

This portal provides access to a multitude of information, services, programs or news (from this point forward, “the content”) in the Internet pertaining to SECMOTIC INNOVATION or their licenses to those that the user can have access. The user assumes responsibility for the use of the portal. Said responsibility extends itself to the registration that was necessary in order to access the particular services or content. In said registration, the USER will be responsible for providing true and just information. As a result of this registration, the user can provide a password, for which he/she will be responsible, promising to make a diligent and confidential use in the same way. The USER promises to make an adequate use of the content and services that SECMOTIC INNOVATION offers services through from their website and with expository character but not restrictive, not to be used for (i) falling into activities that are illicit, illegal, or contrary to the good faith and law enforcement;


(ii) Spreading content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, or an illegal-pornographic nature, of the defense of terrorism or illegal activities that violate human rights; (iii) Causing harm in the physical and logical systems of SECMOTIC INNOVATION, from their suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading a computer virus in the network or whichever other physical or logical systems that are susceptible from causing the harm previously mentioned; (iv) trying to access and in this case, use the email accounts of other users and modifying or manipulating their messages. SECMOTIC INNOVATION reserves the right to remove all comments and contributions that violate the respect of the dignity of someone, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that threaten against the youth or the children, the order or public security or that, in someone’s opinion, will not turn out to be appropriate for their publication. In whatever case, SECMOTIC INNOVATION will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the users through forums, chats, or other tools of participation.


  1. Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancelation, and Opposition (ARCO)


In any moment, the interested parties will be able to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition through writing directed to SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L., Alhóndiga, 51, 3rd Sevilla (41003) either or through email to the following address:, in that it confirms their identity and indicates the title “ARCO Rights”. The request should include the name, last name of the interested party, a copy of the National Identity Document and, in the cases that allow it, from the person that it represents, as well as an accredited document of representation, a petition that contains the request, the address for the purpose of notification, date, and signature of the soliciting party and accredited documents of the petition that it formulates. If the request does not meet the specified requirements, it will require corrections. With respect to the right of access, it will only be refused when the request is formulated through the distinct person of the affected. It will not require some remuneration for the exercising of the rights.


  1. Confidentiality

It is the policy of SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L. to protect the confidentiality and security of information that can be obtained over the course of their business. The information sent to SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L. through this page, or through the form, will be maintained to all effects in the strictest confidentiality and will be in agreement with European or national legislation, as appropriate, relative to the privacy of information. In the case of this website, the information that the user can obtain in relation to their personal information can only be obtained through the delivery of an email to the contact email address established on this page.

If so, SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L. wants to make known that access to the information that you can obtain from us voluntarily is limited, as procedures and security policies exist with the objective of safeguarding such information from whatever loss, misuse, or inappropriate disclosure. Likewise, SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L. does not address this privacy policy to minors. We understand the importance of protecting the information related to them and, especially online, we do not solicit nor save information about minors in a deliberate manner. The sole purpose, if SECMOTIC INNOVATION, S.L. keeps information gathered from the users of the website, is to manage and provide the service for what our own website is designed for, once the service is finalized, all the information obtained through their visits is destroyed.


  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property

SECMOTIC INNOVATION by itself or as the transferee, is the owner of all of the rights of their intellectual and industrial property on their web pages, as well as the elements contained therein (in an expository manner, images, sounds, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs necessary for their operation, access, and use, etc.), ownership of SECMOTIC INNOVATION or its licensors. All rights reserved. In accordance with the rules in articles 8 and 32.1, paragraph two, from the Law of Intellectual Property, they explicitly prohibit the reproduction, distribution, and public communication, including any means of making available, all or parts of the content from this web page, for commercial purposes, in any format and through any technical way, without the permission of SECMOTIC INNOVATION.

The user agrees to respect the rights of the Intellectual and Industrial ownership of SECMOTIC INNOVATION. He/she will be able to visualize the elements of the different websites and including printing, copying, and collecting them in the hard drive of his/her computer or in whatever other physical format always and when it is, only and exclusively, for his/her personal and private use. The user should refrain from eliminating, altering, avoiding, or manipulating whatever protective methods or security system has been installed in the pages of SECMOTIC INNOVATION.


  1. Exclusion of warrantees and liabilities

SECMOTIC INNOVATION is not responsible in any circumstances for damages of any kind which may cause, but not limited to errors or omissions in the content, the unavailability of the website, or transmission of a virus or malware programs in the contents, despite having taken all of the necessary technological measures to prevent it.


  1. Modifications

SECMOTIC INNOVATION reserves the right to make unannounced changes that it deems appropriate to its websites, it may change, delete, or add content and services that provided through the same as the way in which they are displayed or located on their websites.


  1. Links

In the event that the websites have links or hyperlinks to other sites on the Internet, SECMOTIC INNOVATION will not exercise any type of control over said sites and content. In no case will SECMOTIC INNOVATION assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to an another website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, trustworthiness, accuracy, openness, sincerity, validity, and constitutionality of whatever material or content in formation in any of the said hyperlinks or other Internet sites. Also the inclusion of these external connections will not imply any of association, union, or participation with the connected entities.


  1. Right of Exclusion

SECMOTIC INNOVATION reserves the right to refuse or withhold access to their websites and or services offered without the need for prior notice, at their own request or that of a third party, to other users who violate these Terms of Use.


  1. General

SECMOTIC INNOVATION will pursue the breach of these conditions and any wrongful use of their websites, exercising all civil and criminal actions that can by law.



SECMOTIC INNOVATION will be able to modify the conditions determined here in whatever moment, duly publicized herein. The validity of these conditions will be according to their exposure and are valid until they are modified and duly published.