What do we do?

At Secmotic, we form a multidisciplinary team including exports in development, research, cloud computing, big data and machine learning, IT security and graphic design. Together we make the design and development of every kind of project related to technology possible.


No matter the project, there is always room for improvement

We think differently

To propose groundbreaking solutions


To monitor every single detail of every project

We love programming

The bigger the project, the better


To protect relevant information for our clients

We anticipate

And we prevent bigger problems


Web apps, IoT & Big Data

A contrasted team

With four selected projects in FIWARE Accelerate, Secmotic is on the top of FIWARE development worldwide.

Our expertise has allowed us to work on more FIWARE-related projects. Nowadays, Secmotic is a reference in consulting and development for this platform.

Research, development and innovation

Ideas carried to production

Nothing is impossible

Diversity in Secmotic’s team allows us to expand our knowledge in growing technology fields. Topics like Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, or Smartcities are an area where Secmotic faces the challenges of R&D projects.

We are focused on providing groundbreaking solutions based on current industry knowledge.
Everything can be improved with a proper study of the field that is being analyzed.


IT Security

Protect your company’s privileged information

Custom Software Development

Web applications, mobile applications and desktop software.

Design and development

At Secmotic, we own the project from beginning to end. We work on design and follow the determined structure. Secmotic has vast experiences in mobile application development of various natures: E-commerce, learning platforms, real time web applications, mobile applications…

We take care of every detail, so the user’s only focus is the usability of the applications. Aesthetics and functionality are heavily present in our developments, as are innovation and IT security.

Why Secmotic?

      • We take care of every detail, because even the smallest one is important
      • We think uniquely and our solutions are groundbreaking
      • We worry about IT Security
      • We are a multidisciplinary team
      • Experience and our projects give us our credibility

What do our clients say?

I have work in several projects and I will repeat with Secmotic. It is incredible the knowledge deployment that they did.
Iván Delgado Zbikowski, JWeb raredesign
Thanks a lot for the effort and the great job!
Lluc Martí, Exploded view