IoT Industrial, the Industrial Internet of Things

How is the Internet of Things integrated in the industry? These solutions are aimed at optimising operations, reducing costs, obtaining more knowledge and making intelligent decisions based on data. Find out more about the benefits of this concept.

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Digital Supply Chain

The concept of Digital Supply Chain refers to the integration of the entire process that begins with the handling of raw materials and ends with the finished product. With this approach, the goal is to anticipate through the interpretation and visibility offered by data analysis.

Monitoring the process allows companies with these tools to have a real-time global view of their company’s status. This enables them to predict critical elements and make proactive decisions.

To implement this method, it is necessary to integrate several technologies, such as:

  • IoT sensors to collect real-time information from manufacturing equipment and vehicles
  • Predictive analysis to optimize inventory allocation and forecast demand
  • Robotics to accelerate assembly or picking processes


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IoT Industrial, the Industrial Internet of Things

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