Secmotic, Smart Inside.


Almost without realizing it, sharing our visions of the future, about innovation, digital transformation and process optimization, discussing artificial intelligence or commenting on the latest episode of Silicon Valley, while discussing all these issues, we were building what is now Secmotic.

Like Zemeckis in ‘Back to the Future’ we enjoyed imagining the future and thinking about how to approach digital strategies to improve people’s lives and experiences. With this premise, we embarked on the adventure with a clear focus on where we would project our efforts and the coverage we should offer.

Today we cannot be more proud of how from the beginning we have kept intact the spirit with which we created Secmotic, and at the same time grateful to all those who have shared this path with us and helped us to consolidate both nationally and internationally. We’re ready for your future.


Our working method

Every project is a challenge. A challenge on which we rely on our fundamental pillars and try to give the coverage that your ideas need to develop your project.


The convergence of technology and innovation opens an exciting scenario for the future. Secmotic will propel your business to any new environment.


We research with future technologies to solve problems of the present. We develop projects aligned with the strategy of your company.


We integrate with your team. Our business philosophy allows us to develop your project with speed and agility and that digital transformation impacts your business.


We are specialists in FIWARE. We have a technical team specialized in the development and global deployment of ‘Smart’ solutions. 


We offer excellence in the management of our services, continuous improvement, total integration in the process and focused on customer satisfaction.

Featured Projects

Secmotic joins eCity Sevilla to integrate FIWARE systems

Digital Port, welcome to the revolution of the ports of the future

DTN, trusts Secmotic for its digital transformation

They trust us

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