Smart Cities, cities towards sustainability

The cities of the future must be geared towards sustainability. A Smart City is a city that uses technology and information to reduce energy costs, environmental impact and improve the quality of life of its citizens. Learn how a smart city operates and the benefits of smart cities.


How a Smart City works?

Smart cities are a comprehensive digital system that provides government authorities with a holistic city model by integrating vertical services and systems. These verticals can be classified as follows:

  • Smart Economy: Empowers innovation and economic development in your city.
  • Smart Environment: Optimizes natural resources and protects the environment.
  • Smart Living: Smart homes to enhance home care.
  • Smart Governance: Offers more efficient digital systems for citizens.
  • Smart Mobility: Improves the efficiency and sustainability of transportation methods.
  • Smart People: Citizen participation as an intelligent sensor.

Don’t miss the following resource on the benefits of implementing smart cities.


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