Smart Ports, the new maritime revolution

Learn how to identify the technologies that are improving and modernising efficiency in port environments. A real trend that has been born to revolutionise the way a port is managed.

Smart Ports: a very modern future


The number of Smart Ports around the world is increasing, and this trend doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, let alone changing its direction. Currently, there are Smart Ports on every continent, all around the globe.

The countries that stand out the most for having developed the most connected, technologically advanced, and smart ports are China in the first place, followed by Singapore and South Korea.

Although these three countries are in Asia, Europe is not far behind, with countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Spain making it into the top 10 worldwide.

Furthermore, there are even three Spanish cities in the top 30: Valencia, ranked 23rd, Algeciras in 27th place, and Barcelona in 28th place. The objective of this evolution is to modernize and meet the demands of the economy, security, efficiency, and environmental compatibility.



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Smart Ports, the new maritime revolution 

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