Smart Ports, the new maritime revolution

Learn how to identify the technologies that are improving and modernising efficiency in port environments. A real trend that has been born to revolutionise the way a port is managed.

City-port integration

When transforming a port into a Smart Port, one of the points to consider is integrating it with the city where it is located.

This is essential because in this way, we can offer new services and experiences for new customers, in this case, the citizens. The goal is to make the port area a pleasant place for the citizens, so not only workers but everyone can spend time there.

Maintaining the port in perfect condition to make it attractive; creating pedestrian areas and carefully designed spaces where anyone can enjoy, for example, the sea views; ensuring good accessibility for different vehicles; introducing services that extend the stay with green areas. These and some guidelines are a good way to ensure that your port is integrated with your citizens and, ultimately, with your city.



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Smart Ports, the new maritime revolution 

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