Safeye is a portable Industry 4.0 occupational risk prevention system that minimizes the risks of accidents, particularly during road maintenance tasks in service.

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The concept

It is a system that, through the use of artificial intelligence applied to video, allows real-time alerts to workers of a high-risk situation, such as the invasion of a vehicle into the work area where maintenance or conditioning tasks are being carried out on the road.


What is the goal of this project?

The main objective of the project was to develop a reliable and effective system for preventing accidents during road maintenance tasks in operation. The main challenge was that the system had to be portable and autonomous to adapt to the changing and dynamic environment of maintenance tasks. It also had to work in real-time so that, upon detecting any risk to the workers, they could be instantly alerted to maximize their reaction time and avoid the hazardous situation.

How does it work?

The system consists of a series of portable and autonomous detection nodes that can be easily attached to the signaling cones used to delimit the work zone. These nodes deploy a local wireless network through which they are interconnected, in a fully automatic plug-and-play manner.

Each node is equipped with a video camera and a video processing unit that analyzes the captured images in real-time. It automatically detects situations that pose a risk to workers, such as the invasion of the delimited safety zone or dangerous driving behaviors like speeding.

Upon detecting danger, each node transmits an alarm to the other nodes through the local wireless network. These nodes, in turn, relay the alarm to wearable bracelets worn by each worker conducting maintenance tasks. This way, the workers are instantly alerted to the potential safety risk.

What problems does this solution solve?

The main advantages provided by the project are:

  • Controls and monitors workers’ access to temporary work zones.
  • Enhances the safety of workers and citizens in construction and maintenance areas of roads and highways.
  • Reduces workplace accidents for workers engaged in road infrastructure maintenance, lowering turnover and sick leave.
  • Increases the productivity of road maintenance tasks by reducing stress associated with working in environments with the risk of accidents and allowing workers to concentrate more on their tasks.


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