Smart Metering | Energy monitoring system for consumption calculation and energy savings

This project is based on the creation from scratch of an artificial intelligence system for early detection of manufacturing defects in quality control (QA)

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The concept

Energy savings and efficient resource use not only generate immediate benefits but also contribute to the sustainability of businesses and the planet.

With this objective in mind, we have created a heterogeneous solution where, through devices and technology, we can monitor the energy consumption of a building, office, or any other location. This allows us to make decisions based on energy consumption data to enhance savings and resource optimization.

What goal has this project achieved?

The main goal is energy savings. To achieve this, it is essential to monitor energy usage, and thus, devices are installed to carry out this monitoring.

Once the location has a detailed monitoring of its consumption, it can visualize its consumption curves, enabling decision-making to promote energy savings and identify optimizations in its daily processes.

Using state-of-the-art sensors and a web platform, the client can access their energy consumption data in a straightforward manner, providing a great user experience.

How does it work?

The system is based on the installation of two hardware components that measure energy consumption, along with a web platform that receives and displays data from the devices.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Installation of devices: Through the energy analyzer and the gateway, our clients gain access to precise consumption data. These devices are installed in the existing electrical panel and can be efficiently attached to the DIN rail.
  2. Configuration and deployment: Once installed, the devices are registered on our platform, which the client will access after this step. This step is crucial to fully utilize the advanced analysis capabilities provided by artificial intelligence.
  3. Data collection and visualization: Once deployed, the devices send data to the Secmotic server, enabling dynamic visualization of energy consumption. Through the platform, the client can conveniently access and analyze their consumption data through a secure login process.


What problems does this solution solve?

  1. Absence of data for decision-making: Companies, factories, industries, offices, and other locations all want to save, but this cannot be achieved without making data-driven decisions. Secmotic’s Smart Electric system is the first step to begin saving energy and reduce operational costs at locations.
  2. Inefficiency of resources: By monitoring energy-consuming systems, predictable behaviors, anomalies, and improvement opportunities can be observed, thus optimizing resource efficiency.
  3. Observation of trends: This product not only collects data but also uses artificial intelligence to identify behavior patterns at the location. This allows optimizing operations through proactive detection and adaptation.

In summary, the project aims to be the first step in applying various techniques to achieve savings, from detecting anomalies or patterns to creating artificial intelligence models based on the system that propose saving measures.

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