Secmotic will lead technical coordination tasks in dRural

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At Secmotic, we take pride in being part of the European project dRural, where we play a prominent role in technical coordination tasks. This ambitious project aims to transform rural areas by creating a Digital Services Marketplace, connecting end-users and providers to enhance economic growth and improve quality of life.

dRural: Innovation for Sustainable Rural Development

The dRural project focuses on promoting the economy in rural areas through digital services. Using our partner FIWOO’s IoT platform, a Marketplace has been created for both simple and complex services, ranging from data intelligence-based solutions to IoT-based proposals, in which Secmotic contributes its expertise.

A United European Consortium

One of the main strengths of this project is its consortium. The consortium, composed of more than 30 European organizations, including universities, private and public entities, works together to achieve the success of dRural.

Success at the Latest Milestone

After a year and a half of hard work, the Marketplace development phase has successfully concluded. This Marketplace will enable service providers in rural areas to offer technological services that drive the economy and improve citizens’ lives. With 3 pilot regions and 4 demonstrators, we have successfully surpassed the corresponding technical phase.

New Phase: Development of Complex Services

Now, we are directing our focus towards the development of complex services. Over the next few months, we will provide training to regions and demonstrators on the use of FIWOO for their specific needs. We are committed to gathering feedback to improve our product and address long-term sustainability challenges.

Secmotic’s Incorporation into the Team

Our team will contribute its technical expertise, knowledge, and commitment to sustainable innovation. Secmotic officially joins the dRural team to drive the project forward.

As leaders in technical coordination, we are committed to providing specialized training to regions and demonstrators, ensuring a smooth integration of FIWOO into their specific needs.

We are ready to face technical challenges and contribute to the ongoing success of dRural in its mission of sustainable digital transformation in European rural areas.

Our incorporation reflects our firm commitment to economic growth and continuous improvement of quality of life in rural areas.


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