The Phase 1 for Select for Cities project comes to an end today

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The competition for achieving the next phase to the Select for Cities project comes to an end today in its phase 1 in Copenhague. For those, who does not know this project, Select for Cities it is a competition which has 3 phases to find that company or consortium and to design and develop an IoE platform for smart urban innovation. In this first phase, the consortium made up of Bosonit, Emergya, JIG and Secmotic has begun to develop FIWOO. We explain more about FIWOO later.

Select for Cities project: a city innovation labs

Let start to the very beginning. Select for Cities project is based on the premise that cities have to seek new methods, technology and tools to promote open innovation to solve challenges. The ultimate goal of the project is to become a «smart city».
Like we can read in its own website: «the Select for Cities project lays forth a competition open to all European companies to develop an open, standardized, data-driven, service-oriented and user-centric platform that enables large-scale co-creation, testing and validation of urban IoE applications and services».

End-of-Phase 1: Objective Copenhague

The expedition to he BEJS Consortium (Bosonit, Emergya, JIG and Secmotic) headed towards the Danish capital of Copenhague yesterday. Sara Madariaga and Daniel Menchaca will be the responsible of the defence of FIWOO to the Buyers Group to close Phase 1. After two months working hard, we can complete the deliverables for the evaluation. These deliverables respond to the entire development of the project.
The city of Copenhague is looking for the creation of new mobility policies through the integration of IoT Sensor Networks that analyse the air quality and the traffic conditions.
With these lines, we want to wish to the expedition good luck before the presentation.

Our project development: «FIWOO»

To give a definition, FIWOO is an European data-driven open platform for urban IoE apps and services. 
The BEJS consortium is looking for enabling large-scale co-creation, testing, and validation of urban IoE apps and services. Accordingly, the strategic goal in this project is to become a lead player in the growing ecosystem of the digital transformation cities. Its participation in this PCP is thus aligned with the following shared objectives:

  • Promote an infrastructure based on open standards for horizontal platforms to overcome the existing fragmentation in the implementation of smart city solutions.
  • Support the use and exchange of open data in an innovative way, addressing security and privacy issues to build trusted solutions to generate new information sources of high added value.
  • Promote the development and adoption of Internet-of-Everything solutions for the deployment of intelligent infrastructures, which are connected to each other and to citizens, easily scalable and replicable in other cities.

We hope to move forward in this project! Don’t miss out the news in our social media!

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