FIWOO heads to Helsinki for the Select for Cities competition

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FIWOO is in Helsinki, Finland to present their developments in phase 2 of the Select for Cities competition. COO of Secmotic and Project Manger of FIWOO Carlos Corrales along with Daniel Menchaga of JIG will present the innovative features of FIWOO to the Select for Cities board with the hopes of being selected to move onto phase 3 of the competition.

Select for Cities competition

The Select for Cities competition was created to motivate the development of platforms that will transform cities into «Smart Cities». Phase 1 of the competition began with 10 consortia that entered, with only 5 made it to phase 2. After presenting their ideas/designs in phase 1, the consortia were asked to create a prototype. This prototype will be evaluated during phase 2 presentations. Select for Cities plans to move the top 2 or 3 consortia onto phase 3 of the competition which will involve prototype testing of the systems in the 3 cities. Phase 3 will be the final phase in which tests will be ran of the models to see which one(s) will advance to phase X to be used in the cities.

Our Platform: FIWOO

FIWOO has developed an interactive model using FIWARE technologies to create valuable data source for cities and their citizens. Data collectors (sensors, scanners, etc.) are connected and pooled into a single data source. These numbers can be interacted with in real-time.  FIWOO has a variety of apps and widgets which a user can use to analyze data about traffic conditions, air quality, weather conditions, personal health, and more. FIWOO has created an interactive platform for users to understand better how their city is functioning around them.

User Dashboard

The city dashboard developed by FIWOO is a user-friendly, customizable dashboard where users can choose which aspects they will use. Their page can be molded to the individual user to represent what is most important to them. The dashboard is able to send notification to the user depending on the notification settings selected by the user. Users of FIWOO will be completely connected at all times.

FIWOO is an advanced, innovative IoE platform which will give users access to useful information connecting them to their city. The consortium has worked hard to create a working prototype and are excited to see it moved onto phase 3.

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