LockArt and Muvone are coming to 4YFN 2017!

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In only a few days, 4YFN (Four Years From Now) 2017 will open its doors.  4YFN is the world’s  fastest growing event for digital startups. This conference provides attendees the opportunities to create connections with others in the startup community, and find investors for their business. Beyond connections, the conference will feature key note speakers from influential members of the digital startup community. Finally, the conference offers learning sessions to help entrepreneurs solve common problems they may be facing. Tickets to the conference are only $200 with the code TICKET200.

4YFN Company Spotlight-LockArt

One of the companies you need to visit at the conference is LockArt, which offers a unique solution to old-fashion key locks. Instead of a key lock, Lockhart uses an app to swipe electronically into your house.

Everyone at one point or another has lost their keys, whether by accident or by having them stolen. LockArt solves this problem by using your smart phone as a key. All you need is to have the LockArt lock installed on your door and have the app downloaded onto your phone. It’s that easy!


Advantages of LockArt

The main advantage of this system is, by not having keys, you don’t have the possibility of losing them. LockArt is focused on solving the kind of problems that arises in everyday life. In addition to your home being completely safe, the system is so discreet that no one will notice the difference between a normal lock and LockArt.

Some Additional advantages of this system are:

Security-LockArt ensures your home’s safety and changes your lock code each time that the door opens.
Compatibility-The App is compatible with all mobile current devices
Protection-You receive a notice for any attempts of forced entry.
Ease of installation-LockArt installs in less than a minute and immediately can be opened without keys
Control-know who enters and leaves in all time
Design-style and functionality come together in this device.

Muvone, the first wearable to prevent osteoporosis

Muvone is the first wearable device specifically designed to help you prevent osteoporosis. Its small size and attractive design make it the ideal complement to take care of your health intelligently. Wear it and start delaying the onset of osteoporosis symptoms.

Some Additional advantages of this system are:

  • Wear it. You can wear it on your shoes or hang it from your belt. The more you wear it, the better the results.
  • Check your daily activity. Check if the physical activity you perform is sufficient to help strengthen your bones or how much sunlight you need to absorb enough vitamin D.
  • Get recommendations. With the app, you can learn the secrets of a diet rich in foods that can help prevent osteoporosis.

I know I’ll be checking out LockArt and Muvone at 4YFN. Will you?

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