5 Trends of Mobile Apps Development

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Mobile app development is becoming increasingly frequent in recent years. Mobile app are adopting others technologies as the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain.

Let’s look at top trends of mobile apps development:

Colours and emotional experience

Designers are creating colours and emotional apps that can accommodate mobile. This point is important especially for the use of children’s applications. Apps are designed for children to learn and play.

Wearable apps

There are several types of portable devices available especially in sports and health. Applications help to analyze your walking pattern, to control your calories or your weight, and even to control your diseases.

For example our wearable app Muvone is designed for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

These technologies have revolutionized gaming and entertainment. Not only in these sectors, but others such as shopping, retail, tourist, schools, etc.

In-app Gestures Paired With Animation – New ways of expressing emotions

Currently you will find many applications, such as, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest that represent designs and interactive interfaces. The animation is really good for mobile apps because it increases the functionality of the user.

Greater focus on app security

Security is an important aspect of technological evolution. Applications include payments or money transactions. In addition, developers must integrate code encryption, back-end and secure APIs, reliable payment gateways and other important things to user safety.

Will mobile apps disappear?

Our Chief Technology Officer, Pablo Campos thinks about this question:

“Nobody knows what the future of technology will bring, in 1998 only 3.6% of the world population used the Internet and Google was not even there. However, nowadays we all need to carry internet in our pocket … Augmented reality, quantum computation, smart robots, «human augmentation» or blockchain?

I think we are lucky to live a r-evolution of the world as we know it and that we have the power to lead it to something better, we only need to sit, learn, contribute and enjoy it.

Will mobile apps disappear? Probably, at least as we know them today because they are really young if we look back and they still have a long way to go in the field of innovation. They will either evolve or disappear, that will be decided by their users and their adaptability to what is to come.”

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