Internet of Things.

We enable operational excellence in organizations by driving process efficiency through the Internet of Things (IoT).

What does IoT bring?

 IoT technology provides our customers with:

Automated and real-time access to reliable data.

A new level of visibility into their organization.

Improved understanding of their operations and processes.

Data extraction from the phyisical world.

How do we assist our clients?

Reliable and secure data

Interoperability between systems

Hiperconvergence of operations

Efficiency and sustainability

Why do you need an IoT solution?

IoT devices can automate routine tasks and optimize processes.

IoT devices generate a large amount of data that can be analyzed in real-time.


Companies can use IoT to anticipate customer needs.

IoT opens the door to new business models and sources of revenue through new services and products.

Technologies we use

Success stories

Discover the areas of IoT application and our advanced services


    Smart Industry

    I-IoT Platform, Smart environment in the industry

    Smart Agri

    AgrarIA, sustainable production

    ecity Sevilla


    Smart Cities

    FIWARE – Smart Cities connection in eCity Sevilla

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