XPERtraffic successfully begins its pilot phase

The project developed by Secmotic and funded by Ferrovial Servicios concludes its first phase. XPERtraffic is the tool that allows monitoring traffic incidents and road maintenance, and it will be launched in the coming months.

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The concept

Over the past year, at Secmotic, we have been developing a tool that will facilitate the work of technical operators at Ferrovial Servicios and improve the lives of citizens.

In creating this tool, we have utilized advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and services provided by Google (Google Maps).

What is the purpose of XPERtraffic?

This application allows users to be aware of incidents occurring on a specific road at a particular location. By operating in real-time, incidents are reported instantly, enabling them to be resolved with the utmost efficiency.

Reaction time is reduced since information is directly sent to technical operators, enabling them to take immediate action. This ensures that users on the road have a better experience, as incidents are addressed as quickly as possible, alleviating the need for them to report it.

How does this tool work?

As mentioned, we have leveraged data from Google Maps to launch our project.

Google has information about the usual travel time, taking into account factors like regular traffic. Therefore, if an anomaly is detected concerning the usual travel time and the current monitoring period, the system acts by alerting about an incident.

XPERtraffic Pilot phase

To better understand the functioning of the application, we will attach some images from one of the moments during the pilot phase.

The testing ground for these trials has been the M-40 in the Community of Madrid. Due to the recent Filomena storm, we were able to monitor incidents in real-time.

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