What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

You will learn to focus on various areas related to the Internet of Things technology of all types of devices and delve into fields such as telecommunications, sensors, data analysis, visualization and artificial intelligence.

Smart Port

Smart ports are born out of a necessary modernization in this sector. Therefore, they are one of the most relevant logistical assets in some countries. And the trend is to increase their importance by the year 2050. The objective is not only to increase and meet economic demands but also to address issues related to security, efficiency, and environmental impact. 

Among the benefits, we find:

  • Commercial: The better the management and operations developed in the port, the higher the quality of service obtained by the end customer.
  • Technological: Digital transformation plays a key role in the operations carried out in the heart of the port environment.
  • Institutional: There is a management team and involved agents who request a structural change in internal operations.


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What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

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