What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

You will learn to focus on various areas related to the Internet of Things technology of all types of devices and delve into fields such as telecommunications, sensors, data analysis, visualization and artificial intelligence.

Smart Retail

We talk about Smart Retail, focusing on the customer, personalized experiences, and increased satisfaction based on data. IoT is helping in this sector by:

  • Efficiently managing available stock in your warehouse.
  • Providing a personalized shopping experience through advanced data analytics.
  • Planning your strategy and anticipating demand with predictive models.

In this sense, thanks to the collected information, processes can be optimized, and more effective strategies can be applied to attract and retain customers.

Therefore, your business can expect more purchases, increased revenue, improved brand competitiveness, and reduced costs. 

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What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

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