What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

You will learn to focus on various areas related to the Internet of Things technology of all types of devices and delve into fields such as telecommunications, sensors, data analysis, visualization and artificial intelligence.

Smart Mobility

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are a set of solutions based on the design, implementation, and deployment of the following IoT solutions:

  • Real-time tracking of the status and positioning of your fleet.
  • More efficient routes and reduced downtime for your transport vehicles.

Therefore, these systems contribute to managing transportation in a more efficient and safer way.

What technologies are enabling the implementation of these systems?

IoT devices and 5G technology are facilitating the implementation of these interesting systems. The former provides sensors that enable remote and real-time management. The latter offers high-speed connectivity, which is essential in these transportation systems.

Among the benefits, we find safer, better-managed, more efficient, and cost-effective intelligent transportation that provides more accurate and faster information.

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What is the Internet of Things and how does it work?

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