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Fiware keeps going! After the great experience in Málaga, the 2nd Fiware Summit 2017 will take place in the Dutch city of Utrecht. A new opportunity to strengthen links between the Fiware Community. For those who have already become part of Fiware (Secmotic has joined as Gold Member the Fiware Foundation last week) and for those who haven’t, it will be a perfect chance to join to the global ecosystem of Fiware.
In this second Fiware Summit 2017, there is a clear objective, which is summarised in its slogan: «We will be working together, driving the adoption of our open source standards, enabling the development of innovative digital products and bringing new business opportunities for all kind of organisations across the globe, laying the foundation of the New Digital Economy».

2nd Fiware Summit 2017 (Utrecht)

This summit will be focused in three main topics:

  • Meet the community: It is the main objective. To bring you in contact with members of the Fiware community within this broad ecosystem.
  • Develop Fiware technology: FIWARE developers will be in charge of providing information about the need to create intelligent and innovative solutions using their technology.
  • Go to the Market with Fiware: By the hand of experts and entrepreneurs who already have used this technology. Also, all ideas will be aimed at creating a public architecture, open and free.

The event will be organised in several stages and will be open to the public from 29th to 31st May.

Get inside Fiware and join the Community

Among some of the important events, we will highlight the following:

Three Vertical Tracks

Smart Agrifood, Smart Industry and Smart Cities separated from each other, but with a common goal: share a vision around the benefits of using the FIWARE Technology.

A developer’s primer

The event is divided into two parts. The first day, there will be technical sessions and hands-on experience for developers, working with and interested in the FIWARE technology. The second and third day will be for the start-ups, where they will pitch about business insights

A conference track

Targeted to business developers, decision and policy makers, startup/SME CEOs, cities’ representatives, researchers, public authorities, non-profit organizations and to the whole FIWARE Community.

Hackacity at the FIWARE Summit Utrecht

Hackers, business developers, coders or anyone who has the required skills on creating smart solutions, they may take part in this event. All these participants will be encouraged to create applications that respond to citizens’ challenges.

Who will be the speakers?

To name a few speakers, in the main conference plenary will be Hubert Tardieu, Chairman BoD Fiware Foundation or Willen Jonker CEO at EIT Digital. In the part of Smart Cities will be Yasunori Mochizuki Senior VP at NEC or Piet Jan Van Wier, Managing Director at Civity. In the Smart Industry vertical Pierluigi Petrali Manufacturing R&D Manager at Whirlpool is one of the speakers as well as Ana Sancho AM from Agriculture, Water and Environment at Libelium in the part of Smart Agrifood.
The Fiware Summit 2017 is an opportunity to connect Big Data, Smart Cities and creativity, meeting new people, and eventually, be part of the Fiware Family.
Have you bought your tickets yet?

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