Fiware Zone becomes true in Seville and Malaga

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Andalusia is in luck. Seville and Malaga will become European capitals of the Fiware development with the laboratories of Fiware Zone. That is, two centers of digital innovation that put Andalusia in the spotlight of the coming years due to the implementation and development of the strategy of Smart City designed for the autonomous community. A step beyond that it will start from January 24.

What is Fiware?

Let’s start with the beginning, Fiware is a platform of the European Union that is characterized by the development and global deployment of IoT applications. The development is located in the Cloud Hosting and seeks to implement services for the rapid development of applications in a wide range of sectors. There are three levels within the Fiware architecture: applications, service development and data delivery.

Fiware Zone: Sevilla and Málaga at the head of IoT

One of the characteristics of this project is the collaboration between public and private companies. In this way, private companies like Telefónica join forces together with the Junta de Andalucía or the Seville Town Hall. As a result of this collaboration exist these types of initiatives that aim to improve society through innovative and technological initiatives. 

Similarly, in Malaga was held last December the first summit called Fiware Summit. In this event, Secmotic was present, which already appears in the Hall of Fame of FIWARE by the adoption of its technology.

Fiware Zone

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Objectives of the Fiware Zone in Seville and Malaga

Among the objectives of these laboratories, we can find:

  • Development of the business ecosystem created around Smart Cities. From educational sectors to the company, to turn Andalusia into a technological pole of reference.
  • Support the development of companies linked to the sector by facilitating their access to aid.
  • To help in the formation in the technologies of reference to entrepreneurs, technological companies, students, researchers and public administrations.
  • Provide support to projects, providing physical space, test equipment, development tools and advice.
  • Provide incentives for development.
  • Put in value and activate the ongoing initiatives.

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