Muvone will attend the Internet of Things World Europe

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Muvone does not want to miss out the opportunity in being present in the Internet of Things World Europe. This event will take place between 13th and 15th June in London. Carlos Corrales, who is member of  Muvone software development team, will be responsible for showing the devide to the customers and stakeholders. The stand belongs to Fiware and we will share it with e3tcity, HOP ubiquitous, Wellness telecom and Ubiwhere.

What are we going to find in the Internet of Things World Europe?

This event is one of the most important events inside the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). This term refers to a connected world in all spheres on a daily basis. On the other hand, this meeting is part of the TechXLR8, which is a technology festival in the heart of London Tech Week.
A week to enjoy events throughout the city. A week to push the city in the first position in innovation and technological development.

The latest news in the field of Internet of Things

The conferences are divided into:
5G World
Migration strategies from LTE to 5G. An opportunity to get know first hand the uses cases, the improvements and the develop in the 5G technology.
AI & Machine Learning World

Interactive debates, networking and understand how Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing the Enterprise ecosystem.
Cloud & DevOps World

The new style of life in the bussiness field. It plays an important role in the IoT develop, Smart Cities and much more.
Apps World Evolution

This part is focused on discovering the new challenges that mobile apps have to deal with.
VR & AR World

Lastly, but no less important, a space for the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It is catalogued as the main event in this filed in Europe.
Project Kairos

It is based on connecting Start-ups with the industry and investment. In this way, a space for helping entrepreneur to take off their companies.
Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles

The event where your community comes together to be inspired and glimpse into the automotive future.

Muvone fighting osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bones, decreasing their strength and resulting in fragile bones. This disorder weakens the bones and results in frequent broken bones. It affects over 200 million people worldwide.
The best ways to prevent osteoporosis is with weight bearing exercise, exposure to vitamin-D through sun light, and increasing your intake of calcium . Now with Muvone, you can track your daily habits to ensure that you are working to prevent osteoporosis.

Tracking your fight against Osteoporosis

While most wearables on the market are designed for tracking sports activity, Muvone is the first wearable device specifically designed to help you prevent osteoporosis. Its small size and attractive design make it the ideal complement to take care of your health intelligently. Wear it and start delaying the onset of osteoporosis symptoms.

How it works

  1. Wear it. You can wear it on your shoes or hanging it from your belt. The more you wear it, the better the results.
  2. Check your daily activity. Check the amount of sunlight you need to absorb enough vitamin D and if your physical activity is sufficient to help strengthen your bones.
  3. Get recommendations. Additonally, with the app, you can learn the secrets of a diet rich in foods that can help prevent osteoporosis.

We will in the Internet of Things World Europe…

If you want to attend, you are still in time to acquire your entry and know all the advances and developments in the field of Internet of Things.

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