Secmotic and Iturri launch a Smart Truck system

Secmotic, together with ITURRI, has developed a connected device based on FIWOO for the tracking, control, and management of fire trucks and emergency vehicles fleets through predictive maintenance.

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The concept

Secmotic has reached an agreement with ITURRI to implement a Smart Truck system, based on intelligent management of the fire truck fleet. Both teams have coordinated the development of a connected device based on FIWOO that will allow the company to anticipate future events.

What is the purpose and how does a Smart Truck work?

A device based on FIWOO has been designed to manage and control fire truck fleets through predictive maintenance.

As a result of this implementation, all vehicles will incorporate the new device to transform the trucks into smart vehicles. The technology aims to provide connectivity to monitor and analyze their activity in the city.

What advantages do we obtain?

Here are some of the many advantages that Smart Trucks can provide:

  1. Increased efficiency and profitability of ground transportation.
  2. Allows convoy driving of trucks heading to the same destination if configured for interconnected autopilots to travel in a line.
  3. Improves aerodynamics when driving in a convoy because the lead truck shields the wind for the others.
  4. Helps determine the cause in case of an accident, whether it was a product failure or a driver error.
  5. Detects when a breakdown occurs.

What problems does this solution solve?

By developing a tailored solution for ITURRI with the integration of this new Smart Truck fleet management system, Secmotic offers its clients several benefits:

  • Remote tracking of their fleet in real-time.
  • Reduction of vehicle downtime through predictive maintenance.
  • Optimization of routes and fuel consumption through advanced data analytics.
  • Improvement in return on investment and reduction of total costs.

Thus, the new Smart Trucks include the necessary technology to provide activity and diagnostic data. In addition to these functions, data collection and storage will also be valuable. In this case, it will be possible to detect incidents in operation and learn to make the right decisions.

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