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Future of Agriculture lies in Smart AgriFood Solutions

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Future of Agriculture lies in Smart AgriFood solutions

For centuries, industries have come and gone but one has remained constant throughout: Agriculture. Many things will change in the future, but if there is one thing that is certainly not going to change it is the importance of agriculture. In the past decades, we have seen many developments in technology as industries look to become «smarter». People, Businesses, and Governments are all becoming more digitally connected to the world around them. It is important that we apply our technological advancements to agriculture going forward. The advancements will be positive for both producers and consumers increasing quality and quantity of harvests. The future of Agriculture lies in Smart AgriFood solutions which uses FIWARE technology to maximize the efficiency in the sector.

How the solutions work

With the use of the open source FIWARE platform, Agriculture will be able to make advancements in the 3 farming subsectors: Arable farming, Horticulture, and Livestock farming. Sensors, GPS, robots, and drones will all improve the observation of livestock and fields. Big Data will be compiled and analyzed to better understand agricultural patterns. The data will give farmers the ability to implement the best strategies to give them the most success every harvest. Many SMEs are working to develop innovative solutions for these farmers. 3 that have made great developments are FIWOO, JIG, and Bosonit.


FIWOO is an Internet of Everything (IOE) platform for real-time monitoring of Big Data. They focus on the interoperability of applications, allowing free flowing data through the cloud. An analytical approach is applied using Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms to combine available data sources. These methods have been used for Smart Cities and can be used for Smart AgriFood solutions as well. Historical data on the farm will be compiled to develop advanced algorithms. Applications will be fed these algorithms for uses such as: disease awareness, farm management, and a decision support system.


JIG has developed application solutions to better track the sales network for a farmer. The multiplatform solution tracks the routes, agents, and distributors of produce optimizing the work of the sales force. JIG tool offers sales results, stats, goals, etc. that helps with real-time decision making. The apps (iAgro and iSales) will continue to be developed to manage the different aspects of plantations. It has already ben successful in AgriFood sectors like wineries and the cold meat sector.


Bosonit has created a GIS-based system which obtains information on a parcel. Users are able to view the different parcels and get historical information on it. Data such as NDVI index, humidity, and more is collected to give farmers an in-depth look at what is going on in their field. Reports will be able to be developed for all different roles (field technician, financial, farmer, etc.) to use.

Bright future lies ahead

Many SME’s like FIWOO, JIG, and Bosonit are working every day to develop Smart AgriFood solutions. There is a commitment to improving the efficiency of all aspects of agriculture, from the farmer to the consumer. The number of poor yields will be reduced as farmers will be able to see their parcels in ways never seen before. The health and development of livestock will be understood in new ways. Great improvements in agriculture are soon to come, and an exciting bright future lies ahead.

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